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MAY 2024 - Semi abstract mixed media at Higham Hall

Higham Hall, Cumbria

This popular studio based semi abstract mixed media course explore lots of creative and expressive art techniques in a really exciting and contemporary way.

I will be teaching you how to engage with your subject with greater depth, meaning and feeling with a semi abstract approach so, be preparaed to 'let go' of your inhibitions and use drawing and painting media in a liberated way!

The emphasis is on composition, colour, mood and tone when creating paintings with acrylic inks, watercolour/gouache, soft pastels - often in the same study to create really engaging semi abstract landscape paintings and expressive drawings.

Working from YOUR OWN sketches and photographic references I will teach you how to extract the eseential visual information and help you to develop your own ideas about the painting subject to push your creative boundaries and think differently about your subject. Dont expect to create a litteral copy of your subject - this is not what this course is about. 

Sorry, not suitable for beginners as the techniques taught will be to advanced. More than the basic level of drawing, colour understanding and certainly some experience with some if not all of the different media listed is expected so you are not going to feel out of your depth and will relax instead into this great art course and get LOTS from it!

The stunning location at Higham Hall offers a unique ‘country retreat’ atmosphere. Just a stone's throw from the historic market town of Cockermouth and very close to Bassenthwaite Lake, Higham Hall is well placed to explore the dramatic landscape in the Western Lakes.

Complete with an on-site well equipped and modern studio, Higham Hall offers a perfect base for your enjoyable painting holidays, which explore both studio based painting workshops and fully engaging and stimulating en-plein air painting experiences.

This short but exciting studio based mixed media art course suits an artist wanting to become looser, freer and more semi abstract in their painting and drawing approach.

The paintings you create are a step away from the literal and working in the studio I will teaching you techniques such as expressive line, beautiful textures and bold use of colour, sumtuous colour layering and more which have been the hallmark of my creative successes. 

Suitable for artists familiar with their materials, have good colour mixing abilities and are above the basics in drawing and colour mixing at the very least.

The emphasis is on the experimental, chance and 'happy accidents' that are not painted out but are worked with and become part of the expressive landscape interpretations you create. Utilising different surface qualities of paper throughout tis short and engaging art course you will see how each creates a different visual effect in your exciting paintings. 

All in all, this is a very unique opportunity  to learn a different way of painting with an expressive approach and gives you a fantastic insight into  new and exciting painting techniqes for your own future advancement too.

For a full lesson plan and what to bring contact Higham Hall  - contact details below.

Further information

With places limited to 13 students only on this unique mixed media art course, early booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

For further information and to book please contact the administration team on
Tel: 017687 76276
Office hours 09:00 to 17:00
Higham Hall, Bassenthwaite Lake, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9SH


  • Full board residential (with ensuite bathroom + £10 per night) : £390.00
  • Non residential : £270.00

Location: Higham Hall, Bassenthwaite Lake, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9SH

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