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Working as a professional creative artist I’m brimming with new ideas - all part of the remit of being a creative practitioner! These new products will help you gain lots more from your own painting experiences.

Working with partners Loxley from Sheffield and Unison Colour Pastels from Northumberland together we have created ‘The Northumberland Easel’ for you. This highly acclaimed versatile and dedicated Unison Colour pastelists easel manufactured by Loxley maintains all the hallmarks of both companies most exacting, exceptional and professional standards.

New for 2020 are a set of six professionally printed giclee prints of my most popular style of mixed media paintings and drawings. Printed size for size to the originals and honestly, you cannot tell them apart! They are proving very popular and a great way to own a Robert Dutton painting or mixed media drawing for any collector.

Working directly with Unison Colour we created together the versatile 'Moorland Set’ of 36 carefully selected colours inspired by Yorkshire coast, moors and dales.  A superb hand made soft pastel set that is proving very popular amongst artists.

‘The Midnight Set' is another Unison Colour collection of beautiful rich pastels. Working with colour experts at Unison Colour we created ‘Dark 24’ together which is included in this glorious collection of dark colours.

My ever popular professionally printed greetings cards you can now buy directly from me. Each collection quickly sells out so you’ll have to order yours soon - whilst stocks last!

Click on the images below to find out more and how to order your specially designed, made and printed products.

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