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The Northumberland Easel

The Northumberland Easel has been beautifully made in beechwood with two smooth pull out and fold away drawers that have been ergonomically designed for ease of use when working which assist creative progress, not hinder it. The easel has been created to perfectly and snuggly hold a set of 72 Unison Colour pastels in the central well and to either side a further set of 36 Unison Colour pastel smaller sets left and right in each of the pull our drawers. That's a total of 104 beautiful Unison Colours to quickly and displayed in front of you to choose from! The pastels can be interchanged very easily to suit your individual choice or be replaced with new sets depending on your subjects and locations.

The easy fold out and store away again lightweight aluminium legs are easily adjustable for the terrain you visit and give the easel maximum stability even at lofty heights. The fold out and put away lid (secured with top quality brass clips when shut and hinge supports each side when opened) has been cleverly designed to hold your lightweight board in place and your choice of pastel paper to it.

With the addition of a ’T-Bar’ in the lid, this means that for pastel artists who wish to work bigger on a large size sheet of pastel paper (such as Canson Mi-Teintes ‘Touch’ 350gsm pastel paper (50 x 65cm) can do so quite easily, comfortably with confidence.

With the lid up, your personal choice of Unison Colour pastels displayed in front of you and the ability to stand close to your pastel creations is wonderful. No uncomfortable and frustrating central drawer that can only be accessed by pulling towards you getting in the way as you work - oh no, not with this clever design! You can stand much closer to your work and the Northumberland Easel is an absolute joy to use.

To find out more about the Northumberland easel and to register your interest in buying one please contact Loxley Easels directly on or call 0114 288 0777.

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