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Midnight Colours pastel box

Working with colour experts at Unison Colour, we created ‘Dark 24’ together which is included in this glorious set of dark colours. The Unison Colour Midnight Set of 8 hand made pastels was a collaborative set with expert colour creators at Unison Colour. Australian artist, Chris Blake helped create Dark 19 and 20, and as for myself, I helped create Dark 24, a beautiful luscious dark Indigo Blue which has also been included in this collaborative set.

The set also includes Carbon Black 1 and 2. These two colours are Unison Colours darkest ‘black’ pastels.

The eight colours in the Midnight Set are unrivalled in the soft pastel format.

Unison Colour Moorland Set

I’ve been a fan of Unison Colour pastels since I ‘discovered them’ in the 90’s and started to use them more and more ever since. These beautifully hand made pastels have been instrumental in helping me to win several prestigious awards both nationally and internationally. They have also helped me create work that has been accepted into the Pastel Society at The Mall Galleries with The Federation of British Artists in London over a number of years.

It was with great delight that Dan Hersey (MD of Unison Colour) was supportive to create a new box set of 36 Unison Colour pastels inspired by my ultimate favourite colours from Yorkshire to include The Yorkshire Dales, The Yorkshire coast and moors and to market them as the Robert Dutton ‘Moorland Colours’ collection.

The versatile box set of 36 hand made colours is a unique collection of professionally hand made soft pastels which when mixed, used together or as individual combinations of colours are just perfect for so many different subjects, not just landscape!

To find out a little more about the special collection of carefully selected Unison Colour pastels, the 'Moorland Colours’ and order your very own box set, the link below will take you directly to the Unison Colour website:

Buy your set directly from Unison Colour

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